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IntuiLab introduces IntuiFace


IntuiFace is first a "multitouch" interactive surface : a large screen on which one or more users can interact simultaneously with their fingers. IntuiFace combines both a large display area for effective visual rendering, and opportunities for rich and natural interaction exploiting the fingers of both hands. Users can then better explore and analyze the information presented, while dialoguing and cooperating. IntuiFace is also an open application platform enabling the effective visualization and collaborative manipulation of a wide range of information (such as symbols, text, images, video, or sound) evolving across space and time. For example, the application previewed on December 3rd takes advantage of this platform by allowing multiple users to view and organize digital pictures and videos as if they were paper prints, coupled with tags and map locations, and automatically view them as slideshows or itineraries.

And IntuiFace is a design and variable-sized furniture that integrates the interactive surface, plenty of processing power, and many networking capabilities such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID. The application previewed on December 3rd "recognizes" physical boxes of photos, each identified by a unique RFID tag.

IntuiFace is the ideal platform for designing innovative and collaborative applications in many professional fields such as defense and security, traffic management, health, publishing (music, video, magazines), or consumer-facing such as customer relationship, hospitality, education, culture, sport, travel or home.

The distribution of the IntuiFace platform as well as the design and development of related applications are delivered by IntuiLab.

About IntuiLab IntuiLab is mastering the ideation, evaluation, design, prototyping and development of intuitive and innovative Human-Computer Interactions and Interfaces (HCI) that provide their users (professionals or consumers) with more productivity, safety, comfort and fun. IntuiLab enables its clients' innovation in the field of HCI. IntuiFace is the result of the IntuiLab's savoir faire recognized in the field of innovative HCI (especially tactile), its participation to the Digitable project (partly funded by the French Research Agency ANR), and the support of Oseo. More information at and at

About l'Echangeur As a place devoted to innovative practices in the customer relationship area, located in the heart of Paris at 66 rue des Archives, l'Echangeur is a universe of innovation in itself. It brings together 130 demonstrations of the latest technologies : mobile marketing, web 2.0, multichannel, RFID, contactless payment or mobile, and so on. By creating a link between strategic and technological innovations, l'Echangeur offers companies customized seminars that allow them to take higher view, develop the right strategies, and plan for the future. l'Echangeur relies on two strengths : great expertise in monitoring and forecasting technological and marketing trends, and an original method which makes innovation visible and concrete to facilitate the exchange. l'Echangeur works with more than 100 technology partners and renews its demonstrations permanently.

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