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> Les Albertains peuvent épargner 700 $ grâce à

Les Albertains peuvent épargner 700 $ grâce à

TORONTO, Oct. 22, 2010 - Kanetix ® ( recently asked consumers auto insurance Albertan combient they had saved after comparing car insurance quotes on Although individual results may vary, the amount of savings made by consumers auto insurance Albertans through represent an average $ 737.34.

With an average potential savings of over $ 700, the results show the importance of consumers shopping for auto insurance Albertan. Insurance premiums vary from year to year and that’s why drivers should look for them before renewing their insurance to be sure to find the policy that best meets their needs. Albertans most drivers will get bids, and the more they will have more choices and the amount of potential savings will be significant.

Get car insurance quotes online in Alberta through is easy, knowing that there is the possibility of saving $ 700 required. is an online service that helps consumers compare free insurance quotes. In Alberta, for example, visitors can compare car insurance, home, life, travel, but also health. Kanetix works with a variety of providers including insurance agents, brokerage companies, but also direct sales to ensure that consumers have many choices and options available. Insurance quotes obtained are current and they allow you to easily subscribe to the product of your choice through Kanetix, consumers have direct access to suppliers who offered bids obtained, it is through Apply online or telephone number. About Kanetix Founded in October 1999, Kanetix is the first site insurance, mortgage rates and credit cards in Canada. The comparison shopping service Kanetix together in one place insurance providers, mortgage and credit cards to help consumers save time and money. Every day, thousands of consumers visit the website at Kanetix to compare insurance, mortgage loans and credit cards offered by a variety of financial providers Canadians. Users select the product of their choice, get a quote and complete an application online or with the help of Kanetix, contact the vendor to purchase the product or to apply.

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