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De Feiten Over Drugs /The Truth About Drugs


Leuven. This Saturday March 3rd 2012, a team from the association Say No To Drugs – Belgium distributed more than 1000 booklets The truth About Drugs (De Feiten Over Drugs) in the shopping center of Leuven. The distributors were very well received in all the shops as well as by some clients and their action acknowledged.

Leuven, world renown capital of the Flemish-Brabant, is famous by its University and also its beer. This booklet distribution is a key preventive step made by the association to raise the awareness of the youth as well as of the students regarding the drug dangers. Indeed, the SIPES/ULB – 2010 reported than 5% (1 out of 20) of the 12-20 are taking cannabis each week. Unfortunately the cannabis is not the soft drug promoted by the dealers regarding the increased level of TetraHydroCannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance in the plants.

Beside the alteration of perceptions, the THC interacts with the brain function with loss of coordination and distortions in the sense of time, vision and hearing. School performance is reduced through impaired memory and lessened ability to solve problems. This can extend to psychotic symptoms.

The booklet The Truth About Drugs explains the short and long term effects of the 9 most used drugs, including alcohol. Get the facts about drugs and make your own decisions.

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