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> An informative demonstration on the dangers of psychiatry

An informative demonstration on the dangers of psychiatry

An informative demonstration

Antwerpen (Belgium). On Saturday, April 25th 2009, volunteers of Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) Belgium held a silent manifestation of three hours on the Wapper in Antwerpen, close to the Rubenshuis. Their banners contained the following texts : "No pills for our children", “Psychiatric medication makes child murderers”, “No horror drama's like Dendermonde in this city”, “Psych pills are drugs” and "Stop the drug dance”. With this they intend to make the inhabitants of Antwerpen aware of the worrying recent increase of psychiatric drugs used in Flanders.

Psychiatry has convinced the public and politicians that psychiatric patients are dangerous for society and cannot function without psychiatric medication. The idea is that psych drugs make their problems controllable. However, in the past 3 years tens of international warnings were issued (for example by the FDA) which make it appear that the drugs themselves could be the cause of many of the problems that psychiatry claims to cures with them. Warnings against antipsychotic medication and antidepressants are alarming, seem to be able to cause : apathy, aggression, suicide and murder, psychosis, depressions and hallucinations.

The Commission desires, through this awareness campaign, to prevent any future similar occurrences to the recent drama in Dendermonde (De Gelder) and Winnendon (Kretschmer), as well as the one in 2008 in Kapellen (Ligot), in 2007 in Nijvel (Lhermitte) and many others. They want to achieve this by raising the awareness which should lessen the amount of psychiatric drugs taken because people see what kind of damage psychiatric drugs are causing to the society and what the enormous consequences can be.

CCHR was founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the State University of New York, to investigate and bring to light violations of human rights in the area of psychiatry.

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